One year without answers as toddler daycare death remains unsolved with no arrests made


It’s been one year since two-year-old Vienna Irwin was found dead on the property of a once-thriving licensed daycare. Her parents are still searching for answers as to how their lives changed that fateful day and who is responsible for their toddler’s tragic death.

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  1. Engaging in this discourse is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling, reaffirming my belief in the strength and resilience of women everywhere.?

  2. The responsibility for a community is with that community. If you are responsible for the death or abuse of my child. There won't be any arrests either. But there will be investigations into why those responsible cannot be found.

  3. We put an innocent 2 year old in someone's else's hands when she would have flourished in a 2 parent home where the mother stays home and the father goes out and works …but we voted for a liberal society that forces both parents to work

  4. An interesting fact? the OPP at the time it occurred claimed that the little girl was found in a well off the property. ????? That’s a large leap from the truth. If someone knows the name of the owner of the daycare post it


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