Liberals loosen citizenship requirements, blame Stephen Harper


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On a recent Rebel News livestream, Sheila Gunn Reid discussed comments by Minister of Immigration Marc Miller on a proposed bill that would allow the children of Canadian citizens who were born abroad to attain citizenship.

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  1. What a crock of s#!t! This is a country in decline, and burdening it with fake citizens who are undeserving is absolute tamperi g with the voter base! Period. Desperate actions by a desperate and insidious government!

  2. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. A villager has different outlook on life versus a global citizen. I or my kin are not obligated to be physically present in a plantation to be tagged as their slave. Reparation is a b*tch and citizenship is part of it.

  3. One person can come here work for a year then their entire family gets citizenship. Its an x for 1 deal. Trudeau is bring is going full bore on selling the country out…

  4. Harper was a REAL Canadian and did what was BEST fore Canada and also had the Mental Capacity to understand the Economics of running Canada for the Benefit of CANADIANS.

  5. It looks like Trudeau is losing what’s left of his tiny mind. The socialists are determined to do as much damage as possible before they are kicked out of office. That’s a typical toddler reaction to any criticism. Justin always lashes out and invokes the bogeyman, Harper, whenever he is under pressure. Harper has been gone for nine years. But Little Potato will never take responsibility for his disastrous reign. Sociopaths never do.


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