Discover the Latest Expansion of Intelcom’s Dragonfly Brand in Canada and Worldwide

Intelcom Continues to Expand its Dragonfly Brand Across Canada and Internationally

“Intelcom Takes Flight with Dragonfly: A Global Expansion in Last-Mile Logistics”

In a move that signals ambitious growth and international reach, Intelcom Courrier Canada Inc. unveiled the expansion of its Dragonfly brand. This strategic move aims to position Intelcom as a key player in the last-mile logistics and parcel delivery realm on a global scale.

### Dragonfly Soars Beyond Québec
While the Intelcom brand will continue to be prominent within Québec, Dragonfly Shipping (Dragonfly) will be the operating name for the company in other Canadian and international markets. Dragonfly has already proven its success in Australia, where it was the pioneer in offering seven days a week last-mile delivery service in the country.

According to Jean-Sébastien Joly, President and CEO of Intelcom and Dragonfly, “Dragonfly formalizes our presence outside of Québec and embodies our corporate aspirations to be a global player in the last-mile delivery aspect of e-commerce.” This expansion marks a significant milestone for Intelcom as it positions itself to showcase its home-grown technology and expertise on an international stage.

### Reaching Across Canada
Together, Intelcom and Dragonfly now have the capability to reach 97% of the Canadian population through their network of over 85 delivery stations. This extensive reach solidifies their position as a key player in the Canadian logistics landscape and sets the stage for further expansion into international markets.

About Intelcom
Established in 1986 and headquartered in Montréal, Québec, Intelcom has been at the forefront of developing logistics technologies and coordinating physical delivery networks. The company partners with leading e-commerce retailers and third-party logistics firms to provide fast, reliable, and predictable last-mile delivery services to consumers. Dragonfly, launched in Australia in 2021, now serves as the global brand for Intelcom’s international operations.

The expansion of the Dragonfly brand signals Intelcom’s preparedness to compete on a global scale, showcasing innovation and efficiency in the last-mile delivery space. As the company continues to spread its wings and reach new markets, it opens up opportunities for transforming delivery markets worldwide.

In conclusion, Intelcom’s embrace of Dragonfly represents more than just a rebranding effort—it symbolizes a commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence in the logistics industry. This step towards international expansion highlights the potential for Canadian companies to make a significant impact on the global stage by leveraging home-grown expertise and technology. Intelcom’s journey with Dragonfly is not just about delivering packages—it’s about delivering on the promise of a more connected and efficient world.”



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