$10K to shoot a deer? Invasive species eradication project set to cost taxpayers $12M!


To break down this deer debacle, Rebel News was joined by Franco Terrazzano, the federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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  1. I live in a hunting community that takes hundreds of deer and bear every year..
    People pay for tags for their takes… Government makes money on tags..
    Alligators are culled that way.. people get allotments and fill their quotas.. All of Canada's government appear to be R3TARDED and are destroying everything they touch with our money.. Hunters can deal with this easily without any intervention by the government..Lets be real there hasn't been a single thing our government has done right.. They treat our tax money like the free money store with zero consequences for failure.. shameful.

  2. We are going to have massive civil unrest if this nonsense, massive immigration and the sexualization of our children doesn’t stop. Trudeau is well aware of this and planning for it. I’m not promoting violence. I’m trying to wake people up including politicians so we can avoid this. We all know why he hates cordless lead throwers.

  3. Honestly, every day, this clown ? and his party make themselves look even stupider than the day before ….hopefully all real canadians will vote these clowns ? out of power

  4. They’re using AR 15’s with 30 round mags with suppressors from helos . Think about it . What’s good for the government is not good for the Canadian citizen. I thought AR15’s weren’t for hunting ?

  5. Oh,Good God, stupid is too kind a word when used in context with Trudeau. Hunters pay to hunt and cull the deer and all is good.Trudeau taking away gun rights has lead to gun violence in our cities by people who do not have a history of growing up in Canada. And knife attacks are up.Will Trudeau confiscate all knives?

  6. Trudeau's goal: spend as much taxpayer money in ludicrous nonsensical woke policies, meanwhile accomplishing zero goals and making life more unaffordable and execrable for all Canadians. How long must this go on?! We've had enough already. Time Canadian kick him out and take matters into their own hands. Government is failing at maintaining order, or another way to see it is that it's excelling at creating total chaos.


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