UofT pro-Palestinian protesters face deadline to clear out by Monday morning


Pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Toronto are facing a deadline to clear out as they continue to meet with university administrators.

The protesters have rejected the university’s final offer, stating that it does not meet their demands to cut ties with Israeli institutions or divest from Israeli companies.

A trespass notice has been issued, giving the demonstrators until Monday morning to leave, or the university will take necessary legal steps to remove them.

Global’s Shallima Maharaj has the details.

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  1. Living in the country side couldn’t feel any better, just planted 40 asparagus crowns, my tomatoes, potatoes, peas, green beans, got 5 fruit trees, pump my water from a well, fresh clean air, fresh water lakes all around me, shooting my guns, driving my ATV’s… gonna BBQ up some steaks and enjoy the show haha, you city folk are the laughing stock of Canada, y’all gotta grow up and stop protesting everything.

  2. Free Palestine? No one has hindered Palestine from anything Gaza was all theirs to use it had businesses left after Israel pulled out. All they want is for Israel to disappear, and then all Christian countries. They want the world to be Muslim but if that happened then they would find something else to fight. They are habitual victims and seem to convince students and young people that are weak minded to help them!

  3. The only people who say that they claim to be “bothered” by these protesters are likely paid Israeli bots. Canadians by and large don’t have a problem with what goes on inside university campuses. But Israel does, and Hillel, and Hasbara and AIPAC, and other Zionists

  4. Has Hamas tried to surrender and end this war, or do they occupy innocent family’s homes and shoot rockets into Israel? I’m led to believe they’re pledged to annihilate the Jewish race. Of course it’s all in the name of dubious religious practices that were written by starving and hallucinating scribes whose prose can be translated to suit their narrative. Why can’t we just accept that we’re all one race, the human race.

  5. what these protesters are expecting Canada government to do? better off finish your school, get smarter, go back to your country and fix the problems from inside.. Canada itself has bigger problems to deal with, they aint have luxury time and resource to interfere other countries..

  6. I have to agree with you I have seen enough videos since October 7 to know who's in the right and Israel has shown remarkable restraint considering what has and is happening including that video of them taunting the young women with rape. How can anyone support hamas

  7. I am getting sick of these protests unlike the Freedom ones in Ottawa. These people are delusional and clearly dislike Israel ?? for no reason at all. First off Hamas are terrorists and they run wild in Palestine ?? so yeah. Second much like in the United States ?? and here in Canada ?? if ya do not like Israel ?? that much go over there and protest all ya want not North America thanks.

  8. The fact that Canadian university officials are choosing to fight against anti-genocide and anti-forced famine protestors are stark reminders that our universities are failing our populace and the world’s most vulnerable. ?

  9. Liberals/NDP actually equal The National Socialist German Workers’ Party even by name, I demand return Peace and Love at the street and parks of Canada by vote for Conservatives ASAP


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