Space junk fell on a Canadian farm and SpaceX wants it back, but who’s liable?


Debris likely linked to a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft fell on a Saskatchewan farmer’s field earlier this year and after being discovered last month, it left people in the community buzzing.

The debris did not appear to cause damage nor did it injure anyone, but as more objects are launched into outer space, it has prompted more questions of who could be liable if someone is injured or killed by such a piece of debris.

Sean Previl explains who can be held liable, what scientists want to see when it comes to “space junk” and what’s happening next with this particular object

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  1. "What if it hit Regina" Yes, well you're playing the odds, the surface area of Regina is tiny compared to the vast swaths of unoccupied land in the rest of the province. In addition most of it falls harmlessly in the ocean, as 70% of the surface is ocean.


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