Quebec Liberals Conclude Party Convention with Warning about “Untrustworthy” CAQ Government – Montreal


“Quebec Liberal Party Condemns CAQ Government: A Closer Look

In a fiery speech at the QLP convention, interim leader Marc Tanguay did not hold back in criticizing the current CAQ government, labeling Premier François Legault as “the worst premier in modern Quebec history.” The accusations centered around the state of the province’s finances and public services, with Tanguay claiming that the government has failed to effectively manage both.

A Rift in Trust and Priorities

According to Tanguay, the CAQ government has lost control of public finances and is unable to provide the necessary public services to Quebecers. This lack of trust in the current administration has fueled the QLP’s commitment to inclusivity, pledging to defend all Quebecers regardless of their background or cultural identity. The divide between the two parties seems to run deep, with Tanguay emphasizing the QLP’s focus on putting citizens first.

Economic Focus Amidst Political Turmoil

The two-day convention saw party leaders and members converging to discuss the economy and fiscal responsibility. With a strong emphasis on financial rigor, the QLP aims to position Quebec as a leader within the Canadian federation. Despite the political tensions, there is a shared commitment to economic stability and growth within the province.

Looking Ahead: A Leadership Race and Public Engagement

As the QLP navigates the post-convention landscape without an official leader, the impending leadership race in 2025 looms large. Tanguay believes that this process will not only benefit the party internally but also provide an opportunity to engage with the public in preparation for the 2026 elections. The party plans to host national debates across the province to further connect with Quebecers and garner support for their platform.

In conclusion, the clash between the QLP and the CAQ government reflects the broader political landscape in Quebec. As the parties gear up for the upcoming elections, the focus on economic stability, public wellbeing, and inclusivity will continue to shape the discourse. The divergent paths of these two parties underscore the complexity of governance and the diverse perspectives within the province. Only time will tell how these differences will ultimately impact the future of Quebec and its residents.”



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