Palestinian state recognition by European countries a “courageous decision,” PA says


On Sunday, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority praised the “courageous decision” taken by Spain, Ireland and Norway to recognize the Palestinian state last week. Mohammad Mustafa, who was in Brussels to attend a meeting with international donors, said he was grateful that the three had effectively joined 143 other countries that backed a Palestinian bid to become a full United Nations (UN) members in a resolution earlier in May.

“Gaza has been going through a very difficult, very alarming situation with the humanitarian losses we see increasing every day, but also the physical damages that will make our job of rebuilding much more demanding. Having said all of that, we’re still hopeful as Palestinians that the many decades of struggle and working towards independence are coming closer than ever before,” Mustafa said.

Speaking alongside Mustafa during a news conference, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell stressed the importance of returning to the political process and gathering “international initiative” to achieve a two-state solution. Meanwhile, Norway’s foreign minister Espen Barth Eide also expressed support for the two-state solution, stressing there was “no alternative in the long run” and called on a ceasefire in Gaza.

On Thursday, Israel reprimanded the ambassadors of Ireland, Norway and Spain over their governments’ announcements, scorning the initiative as a bid to “resurrect… old, failed policies.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denounced the announcements and has called plans for recognition of a Palestinian state a “prize for terrorism.”

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  1. Palestinians have suffered the last 75 years with this genocider state, they called them human animals and they treated like animals, what do you mean who armed the settlers? Are you kidding me.

  2. the racists can have all their comments allowed but astute political observation is silenced on this channel, what a joke the Canadian media is, they constantly talk of free speech, but the speed of censorship here is astounding, absolute hypocrisy… shameful 1984 stuff…

  3. Thanks Global, you've inspired me to create a website dealing with censorship in Canada and how 99 percent of Canadians know nothing about it and actually believe we have a free media, say what you will about Americans, they don't act this way…

  4. Thats not the only thing recognized by the EU. They are also recognizing WEF and their goal of a singular, centralized world power in Switzerland. Besides recognizing terrorist states they are also deciding when they can, by military force, carbon tax every country on the planet without permission from any of them. Inviting world terrorist states to join their group is the least dangerous thing the EU is doing.


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