Gunmen threaten Surrey business while attempting to intercept boss’ phone call – BC

‘Pick up my boss’ phone call’: 2 gunmen threaten Surrey business - BC

“A Surrey business owner found himself facing a terrifying situation in his own office when two armed suspects entered the premises. The incident, which the owner chose not to disclose his identity for safety reasons, occurred as he was wrapping up his workday on Friday. The suspects, both wearing masks and armed with guns, demanded answers from the owner about missed phone calls from their “boss.” The owner, along with his employees, were held at gunpoint while the suspects rifled through the store.

The Intrusion of Fear

The armed suspects, one of whom had an assault-style rifle, made it clear that answering the boss’s phone calls was in the owner’s best interest. The situation escalated quickly as the suspects pointed their guns directly at the owner, instilling fear and uncertainty in the workplace. This traumatic experience, captured on CCTV, lasted only about 50 seconds but left a lasting impact on the owner and his employees.

The Aftermath and Uncertainty

Despite reporting a previous extortion attempt to the police, where a call demanding thousands of dollars was made, the owner feels let down by the lack of action taken. The mysterious phone call prior to the incident on Friday raises suspicions of a possible connection between the two events. As the RCMP investigates the matter, the business owner is left grappling with concerns for his safety, his family, and his staff.

The Larger Issue at Hand

The incident in Surrey adds to a growing number of cases involving extortion and violent threats in the area. The arrest of two individuals in connection with extortion attempts last year served as a temporary relief, but the recent armed robbery highlights the ongoing issues faced by local businesses. The community, shaken by these events, looks to law enforcement for answers and reassurance.


The safety and security of businesses and residents in Surrey are paramount, and incidents like the armed robbery on Friday underscore the urgent need for action. As authorities continue to investigate and address the underlying causes of extortion and violence in the area, it is crucial for the community to remain vigilant and united against such threats. The resilience and cooperation of the residents will play a pivotal role in ensuring a safer and more secure future for all in Surrey.”



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