Gananoque community mourns loss of beloved small-town fixture after nearly a century

Mourning 'Mr. Gananoque,' a small-town fixture for nearly 100 years

“Remembering ‘Mr. Gananoque’: The Legacy of Charlie Donevan”

In the picturesque town of Gananoque, Ontario, there lived a man who was more than just a store owner. Charles ‘Charlie’ Donevan, the beloved proprietor of Donevan’s Hardware, passed away at the age of 99, leaving behind a legacy that extended far beyond the walls of his family business. From humble beginnings to extraordinary acts of generosity, Donevan’s impact on the community and the environment will be forever remembered.

The Humble Beginnings of Donevan’s Hardware

In 1872, the Donevan family opened a hardware store in Gananoque that would become a local institution for generations to come. Charles Donevan, the grandson of the founding members, took over the business and transformed it into a place where customers could always find the right part for their needs. From plexiglass pieces to small mechanical parts, Donevan’s Hardware was a place where locals knew they could count on Charlie to help them out.

A Legacy of Generosity and Environmental Stewardship

Beyond running a successful business, Charlie Donevan was known for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to the environment. He played a pivotal role in developing Landons Bay, a nature area along the St. Lawrence River, and donated the land to Parks Canada in 2005. This generous act led to the incorporation of the area into Thousand Islands National Park, ensuring its protection for future generations.

Despite his advanced age, Donevan remained actively involved in the business until the very end. His dedication to his store and his community was unparalleled, with customers often remarking on his sharp intellect and willingness to help. Even in failing health, Donevan’s spirit remained strong, continuing to inspire those around him.

A Lasting Impact on Gananoque

The passing of Charlie Donevan marked the end of an era in Gananoque, leaving behind a town that will forever be shaped by his kindness and generosity. From the arts scene to the natural beauty of Landons Bay, Donevan’s legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew him. As Mayor Beddows aptly put it, Donevan’s question about helping those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic remains a poignant reminder of his compassion and concern for others.

In conclusion, Charlie Donevan was more than just a hardware store owner. He was a pillar of the community, a steward of the environment, and a shining example of generosity and kindness. His legacy will endure through the memories of those who knew him and the impact he made on the town of Gananoque.”



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