Finally! Trespass notices issued to the Hamas hobos illegally squatting at the University of Toronto


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The University of Toronto is world-renowned for its medical school. And we think we have proof positive that this faculty produces excellent surgeons indeed. Case in point: U of T president Meric Gertler has finally been reunited with his spine. And perhaps even his testicles. After all, President Gertler, a.k.a., the Invisible Man (move from ver, Mitch Marner) has finally stepped forward after three long smelly weeks. Last Thursday afternoon, Gertler told the Hitler Youth campers at Little Gaza that enough is enough.

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  1. " Chickens for Colonel Sanders."
    Talk about people out of touch. I'm sure they haven't got a clue what even went on October 7th. This protest all about dirty money. I wonder who's funding them?


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