Expert tips for managing the comeback of Canada Geese in Edmonton

How to handle the return of Canada Geese to Edmonton.

“Springtime in Edmonton brings more than just warmer weather, it also welcomes the sight of Canadian geese and their adorable goslings roaming outdoors. However, for some people, encountering these birds can be a bit intimidating, especially during mating season.

Understanding the Behavior of Geese

According to Dominic Janus, a master’s student at the University of British Columbia, geese can become quite aggressive during the spring as they become protective of their nests and newborn goslings. Nicknamed “cobra chickens” for their territorial behavior, geese are known to honk, flap their wings, and make themselves appear larger when they feel threatened.

Tips for Coexisting with Geese

When approaching a goose, making eye contact and standing tall can help deter any aggressive behavior. In case a goose does decide to fly at you, moving your body to appear larger can help scare them off. Dale Gienow from the rescue emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting the geese during this sensitive period.

The Importance of Canada Geese in Urban Areas

Many geese choose to settle in urban areas to avoid predators and hunting. They often pick elevated, secluded spots near water bodies to lay their eggs. WILDNorth Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation is actively involved in reuniting goslings with their parents through rooftop rescues during the spring.

Protecting Canada Geese Population

While there are at least 7 million Canada Geese in North America, they are not considered a threatened species in Canada. Nevertheless, it is illegal to harm or destroy them or their eggs due to a decline in population caused by unregulated hunting in the early 1900s. The Canadian government enacted the Migratory Birds Convention Act in 1994 to protect them from harm.

In conclusion, while encountering aggressive geese may be intimidating, it is essential to coexist peacefully with these beautiful creatures. Understanding their behavior, respecting their space, and appreciating their role in urban ecosystems can help maintain a harmonious relationship between humans and Canada geese.”



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