Discover How Newcomers to Canada can Address the Construction Industry’s Labour Shortages

Can newcomers to Canada solve the construction industry’s labour problems?

Introducing the New Faces of Canada’s Building Industry

“In this episode of CityNews Connect, we delve into the world of the construction industry and the emerging labour shortage crisis, as well as the inspiring stories of Canadian immigrants who are reshaping their futures in this sector. With a booming construction market driving growth in Canada, there’s a looming uncertainty overshadowing its potential. The industry is facing a labour shortage that threatens its ability to meet demands, especially with an upcoming wave of retirements that will leave a significant workforce gap. This predicament is hindering the production of homes, exacerbating the housing crisis that has plagued the country post-pandemic. But amidst this challenge lies a ray of hope in the form of newcomers to Canada, who hold the key to transforming the landscape of the building industry and creating new legacies.”

The Role of WRLA in Empowering Businesses

The Western Retail Lumber Association (WRLA) plays a vital role in supporting businesses within the building materials industry. WRLA President, Liz Kovach, emphasizes the association’s mission to assist businesses in running efficient operations and meeting the needs of their customers. From the production of raw materials to the finished products, WRLA members are involved in every aspect of building construction. Beyond the physical elements, Kovach highlights the industry’s focus on building communities and the essential role that each worker plays in this process.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Impact of Newcomers on the Industry

As the construction industry grapples with a labour shortage, Liz Kovach stresses the importance of welcoming newcomers into the sector. The cultural diversity present in many workplaces adds a unique dynamic that fosters collaboration and innovation. Kovach emphasizes the industry’s readiness to embrace individuals with varying skill sets and experiences, offering opportunities for career growth and development. The transferable nature of skills coupled with tailored education and training programs make the building industry an accessible and rewarding field for newcomers seeking to build a future in Canada.

Inspiring Stories of Success: Canadian Immigrants Breaking Ground in Construction

At Quik-Therm Insulation in Winnipeg, Canadian immigrants like Michael Bernardino, Neil Aguilar, and Jotham Benedicto are making their mark in the construction industry. Originally from the Philippines, these individuals sought new opportunities in Canada, eventually finding a home in the building sector. Despite their initial unfamiliarity with construction, they quickly adapted and thrived in their roles, contributing to the workforce and filling the labour gap. Their dedication, camaraderie, and passion for their work exemplify the transformative power of newcomers in reshaping the industry landscape.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for a Diverse and Vibrant Building Industry

The stories of Michael Bernardino, Neil Aguilar, and Jotham Benedicto serve as a testament to the potential of newcomers to invigorate and sustain Canada’s construction industry. As the sector grapples with challenges such as a labour shortage and housing crisis, the infusion of fresh talent and diverse perspectives from immigrants offers a promising solution. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, the industry can harness the untapped potential of new Canadians, paving the way for a vibrant, innovative, and resilient future in construction. As we look ahead, let us embrace the transformative power of diversity and celebrate the contributions of all who play a role in building the communities we call home.



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