Cyclone Remal: India, Bangladesh brace for severe storm landfall


On Sunday, Bangladesh and India braced for Cyclone Remal — the first of the year — as the storm with wind speeds of up to 120 kph is set to make landfall overnight, India’s weather department said. Authorities are on high alert as they prepare for the impact of the approaching cyclone.

“The forecast is for the cyclone to move northwards and make landfall late at night on Sunday between the Bangladesh and West Bengal coast,” said Indian Meteorological Department scientist Somenath Dutta.

Despite efforts to warn residents and encourage them to seek shelter in state-approved cyclone shelters, some villagers in Bangladesh’s southwest are reluctant to evacuate, choosing to stay at home instead.

“I don’t trust these cyclone shelters. If there is a large surge incoming, it will not stay intact. This is my fear,” local resident Rita Dewan said.

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