Canada urged to increase military spending by U.S. senator


“Almost two dozen U.S. senators are calling on Canada to increase its military spending, sparking a debate on both sides of the border about the country’s contribution to NATO. In a recent interview, Kevin Cramer, a Republican U.S. senator for North Dakota, pointed out that Canada’s current military spending falls short of the agreed-upon two per cent of GDP target by the end of the decade. This call to action has reignited discussions about Canada’s obligations to its allies and the international community.

The Senators’ Plea for Increase in Military Spending

The letter signed by twenty-three U.S. senators to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized the importance of Canada meeting its commitments to NATO. The senators expressed concern that Canada’s failure to increase its defence spending would negatively impact all NATO Allies and threaten the freedom of the free world. The message was clear – Canada needs to step up and fulfill its obligations in terms of military spending.

Trudeau’s Response and Canada’s Defence Policy

In response to the senators’ letter, Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged that there is more work to be done regarding military spending in Canada. He highlighted the significant increase in military spending under the Liberal government’s tenure and assured that Canada is on an upward trajectory. The government’s latest defence policy indicates a projected rise in military spending to 1.76 per cent of GDP by 2029-30, with additional investments planned over the next two decades.

The Impact of Canada’s Military Commitments

Former U.S. ambassador to NATO, Kurt Volker, highlighted the repercussions of inadequate military commitments from allies like Canada. He noted that perceptions of allies not meeting their share of military spending could hinder U.S. support for aid packages to countries in need. The issue of military spending not only affects Canada’s relationship with its allies but also its standing on the global stage.

Compelling Canada to Rethink its Military Strategy

The call for increased military spending in Canada goes beyond meeting targets set by NATO; it speaks to the country’s commitment to global security and stability. As debates continue on both sides of the border, it raises questions about Canada’s role in fulfilling its obligations to its allies and the international community. The pressure to ramp up military spending is not just about numbers but about demonstrating readiness and capability as a reliable ally in times of need.

In conclusion, the ongoing discussions about Canada’s military spending underscore the importance of fulfilling commitments to NATO and global security. The pressure from U.S. senators and allies like the United States serves as a wake-up call for Canada to reevaluate its military strategy and prioritize investments in defence. As the debate continues, it is essential for Canada to consider not just the numbers but the impact of its military commitments on international relations and security.”



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