Apply for funding to enhance the Trans-Canada Trail in Wakamow Valley

Grant to help spruce up the Trans-Canada Trail in Wakamow Valley

“The Trans Canada Trail: Celebrating Canada’s Longest Recreational Trail”

**A Trail Care Initiative**
“In the heart of Moose Jaw, the Wakamow Valley Authority has been selected as a recipient of the Trans Canada Trail Care Grant Program, a much-awaited annual initiative. For half a decade, funds have been allocated to enhance different segments of the Trans Canada Trail, empowering trail care groups to apply for financial support for maintenance activities or volunteer assistance.”

**Supporting Trail Care Across Canada**
“This year’s grant application was unveiled in January, culminating in the selection of Wakamow Valley for their proposed project involving tree trimming, trail clean-up, and the installation of safety rails at a low-level crossing. The list of grant recipients was disclosed in April, with 221 grants distributed nationwide, summing up to $269,250 in trail care. Saskatchewan alone garnered 20 grants, amounting to $25,000 or roughly $1,250 per site.”

**Trail Care as a Collective Effort**
“The impact of this grant extends to various aspects of trail maintenance, from debris cleanup and signpost painting to litter collection and pothole filling. Moreover, it serves as a gesture of gratitude towards the dedicated volunteers integral to the upkeep of these trails.”

**Looking Towards Trail Care Day**
“As the Trail Care Grant Program gears up for Canada’s Trail Care Day on June 1st, aligning with International Trails Day, the fervor for preserving these trails is peaking. The call to participate on this day resonates with the trail care community, emphasizing the collective efforts to safeguard these vital pathways.”

**Embracing Unity Through the Trans Canada Trail**
“Embodying the spirit of unity, the Trans Canada Trail stands as the world’s longest recreational trail, bridging over 28,000 km across land and water. Linking diverse communities and landscapes, it serves as a tapestry of connection, enjoining urban, rural, and Indigenous settlements in a shared experience of exploration and harmony.”

**Conclusion: A Pathway to Collective Pride**
“In the vast expanse of the Trans Canada Trail lies not just a physical pathway but a metaphorical route to unity and shared stewardship. As we celebrate Trail Care Day and honor the dedicated volunteers and organizations championing trail preservation, let us reflect on the significance of these trails in fostering connections and pride across the diverse tapestry of Canada. The trail beckons – inviting every Canadian to embrace its beauty and feel the pulse of the nation beneath their feet.”



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