200 aid trucks arrive in Gaza through Kerem Shalom crossing – Find out more!

About 200 aid trucks enter Gaza through Kerem Shalom crossing

In a moment of relief for the people of Gaza, around 200 aid trucks were allowed to enter the Palestinian enclave through Kerem Shalom on Sunday. This move comes after an agreement between U.S. President Joe Biden and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to temporarily send aid via this crossing, bypassing the blocked Rafah crossing.

**Small Drop in the Ocean**

“It’s a very small drop in the ocean but hopefully it’s a start,” said Aurélie Godard, the medical team leader in Gaza for Doctors Without Borders. With a three-week backlog of aid, the challenge lies in distributing these supplies efficiently and fairly to those in need.

**Israel Denies Restricting Aid Flows**

Amid concerns about the restriction of aid flows into Gaza, Israel has denied these allegations and has opened up new crossing points in the north. Despite the ongoing conflict, the United States has also stepped in to assist by building a temporary floating pier off the coast of Gaza to expedite aid distribution.

However, the situation remains complex as Israel continues its military operations in Rafah, leading to civilian casualties and drawing international condemnation. The Israeli offensive, which began in response to attacks by Hamas militants, has resulted in a significant loss of life and heightened tensions in the region.

As the aid trucks make their way into Gaza, it’s crucial to remember the human cost of this conflict and the urgent need for a lasting solution that brings peace and stability to all parties involved. It’s a reminder that amid the politics and power struggles, the most vulnerable are the ones who suffer the most.



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