Watch the shocking footage: Bold robbery at British Columbia cannabis store captured on camera

Caught on video: Brazen break-in at B.C. pot shop

“A brazen overnight break-in at a B.C. pot shop was captured on security video, showing the daring criminals in action. The incident took place at Skye Cannabis Co. in West Kelowna, just before 3 a.m.

The Break-in: Caught on Camera

The security footage captured the masked suspect wielding a small sledgehammer and a pickup truck with an attached chain. The suspect proceeded to smash the glass door and violently yank it off with the truck, while the alarm blared in the background. Within minutes, the suspects were inside the store, stealing items and causing significant damage.

Owner’s Response and Community Impact

The owner of Skye Cannabis, Rav Reay, was alerted to the break-in and mentioned that despite the damage caused, the criminals only made off with a handful of pre-rolls. Reay expressed frustration at the recurring crimes and the impact on the community, with customers feeling angry and disappointed.

Looking Ahead: Strengthening Security and Moving Forward

Reay plans to reinforce the store’s security to prevent future incidents. Despite the setback, the store reopened promptly, thanks to the resilient staff. Global News has reached out to West Kelowna RCMP for further details on the ongoing investigation.

In conclusion, the brazen break-in at Skye Cannabis Co. serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by businesses and communities due to criminal activities. It prompts reflection on the need for stronger security measures and collaborative efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of all stakeholders in the face of such incidents.”



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