United Church of Canada Responds: Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Response from United Church of Canada

“Unveiling the Truth: The Real Deal Behind United Church of Canada Property Transactions”

In the realm of property transactions involving The United Church of Canada in Saskatchewan, misconceptions are sometimes pervasive. The recent column penned by Ron Walter sparked a dialogue on asset distribution, shedding light on the intricate process. As the Chair of the Property Commission for Living Skies Regional Council, Annette Taylor unravels the complexities, setting the record straight and debunking myths that have lingered.

Setting the Record Straight

In response to Walter’s assertion that proceeds from property sales must be funneled back to a centralized HQ, Taylor clarifies the governing policies. Unlike the blanket statement that lumped together Anglican, Catholic, and United denominations, The United Church of Canada in Saskatchewan operates under a distinct protocol. A breakdown reveals that 50% of remaining assets from a disbanded congregation can flow to charitable causes chosen by the members themselves. This empowers congregations to support local initiatives close to their hearts, fostering community engagement and stewardship.

Navigating the Complex Terrain

For congregations forging ahead or contemplating amalgamation, the percentage of assets retained fluctuates in congruence with property sale prices. The intricacies of the allocation formula unveil a nuanced approach that considers the context of the congregation’s trajectory. From small-scale sales to larger transactions, the policy framework ensures a fair distribution that aligns with the core values of The United Church of Canada.

Room for Reflection

In delving into the essence of property transactions within the United Church, a broader conversation emerges. The interplay between financial stewardship, community impact, and organizational sustainability prompts reflection on the dynamics at play. As congregations navigate transitions and reimagine their futures, the policies in place offer a roadmap for equitable distribution and impactful giving.


In the tapestry of property transactions within The United Church of Canada, clarity and transparency form the cornerstone of decision-making. Annette Taylor’s insights offer a glimpse into the inner workings of asset distribution, dispelling misconceptions and highlighting the values underpinning the process. As congregations chart their courses and engage in meaningful dialogue, the policy framework stands as a testament to the spirit of collaboration and collective impact. By understanding the complexities and embracing the nuances, the journey of property transactions in the United Church becomes a testament to resilience, community, and purpose.”



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