Toronto Police Give Ezra Levant No Answers After Shots Fired at Jewish School


| WATCH: Ezra Levant confronts Toronto Police on the rise of antisemitism since Oct. 7 after a Jewish school was shot overnight in a suspected hate crime, terrorizing the community. They refuse to answer and run away! to sign the petition!

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  1. This Jewish girl’s school in Toronto was peppered with gunfire this morning in what was surely a terrorist attack. The school is minutes away from the home of Ya’ara Saks, the Liberal MP for the area, but police tell me she hasn’t bothered to visit today. What do you think of Ya'ara's decision?

  2. FACT, north america is going down the same path as Lebanon with its multi cultural BS
    Too many kids/adults do not know about the 75% christian history of Lebanon… WAR WILL COME

  3. if at a muslim school the entire mulim community will protest, riot, and oppose peace, while the religious leaders and politicians will support the Islamist agenda. Justin will lock down the whole of Canada.

    The mainstream media will interview students and parents, assuring them that Canada supports them and that there is no need to worry. The police and politicians are afraid of the Islamists.

  4. Well Ezra the police have arrested someone in the shooting incident at this school.
    So I guess they are doing their jobs.
    My tongue isn't in my cheek when I say that.
    Be better, and quit baiting.

  5. It's ok to ask questions Ezra, but this time you bordered on harrassing that officer. Even though you disagree with how the police are handling the over all anti semitism problem, I think you still need to show respect at the same time. You can agree to disagree. Otherwise you are promoting lawlessness too. Ask the questions, but be less " in their face" ! Just sayin !

  6. We are unable to trust anyone in authority anymore! Those that don't take part in these crimes by our so called authorities, stand back and allow it. Ezra thank you for your strength and conviction! ????

  7. Why can't we ask Ezra Levant what he thinks about what Israel did to Palestinians for several decades ? All this aggression towards them, the deportations, the land grabs, the targeted k1llings, doesn't Ezra Levant think it might have stirred up the Palestinian community and pushed them into doing acts like peppering a school at night with bullets ?

  8. I do not trust Toronto Police. They proved that their motto: "To serve and Protect" is no longer what they uphold. They proved that they are not there to serve the citizens of Canada during the Plandemic though we the citizens are the ones paying their salaries. Shame on TPS.

  9. Rebel News has disappointed me as of late, constantly talking about hate speech and other lefty talking points now that their preferred country is involved in a war


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