South Asia heatwave: Pakistan, India experience severe heat as world’s largest election underway


The mercury soared to 50 degrees Celsius in Jacobabad, Pakistan, leading up to the weekend, according to a regional meteorological centre in Karachi. With the reputation as one of the world’s hottest cities, Jacobabad’s roughly 200,000 residents are grappling with a severe heatwave sweeping across the region as frequent power cuts in the city add to their woes.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest election in India may become the hottest on Saturday, as Indians participate in the next-to-last phase of voting with temperatures forecast to surge to 47 degrees Celsius (117 degrees Fahrenheit) in the capital New Delhi.

Officials are concerned that the heatwave in parts of northern India, including Delhi and neighbouring Haryana state, could discourage voters from going to the polls and standing in lines, in an election earlier marked by low turnout.

“It feels like we will die if we step out of our house in this scorching heat but we have to vote for our nation. So, that is why I have come here to vote,” New Delhi voter Pappu said.

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