Parliamentary Secretary Oliphant to participate in key International Partners Meeting regarding Palestine

Parliamentary Secretary Oliphant to attend International Partners Meeting on Palestine

“Representing Canada at the International Partners Meeting on Palestine: A Step Towards Sustainable Peace”

On May 25, 2024, Global Affairs Canada made an important announcement regarding Canada’s participation in the International Partners Meeting on Palestine. The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, revealed that the Honourable Rob Oliphant, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, will be heading to Brussels, Belgium, on May 26, 2024, to attend the meeting. This significant event will be chaired by Espen Barth Eide, Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and hosted by Josep Borrell Fontelles, the European Union’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister Mustafa

During the meeting, Parliamentary Secretary Oliphant will have the opportunity to engage with Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and gain insights into the government’s plans and priorities, particularly regarding its reform agenda. Canada acknowledges the critical importance of PA reform as a crucial step towards the PA taking on a central role in the recovery, reconstruction, and governance of Gaza, as well as enhancing its effectiveness and transparency in the West Bank.

Canada’s Commitment to Sustainable Peace

Parliamentary Secretary Oliphant will also use this platform to reaffirm Canada’s unwavering commitment to supporting a return to a framework that can effectively ensure sustainable peace and dignity for both Palestinians and Israelis. By participating in this meeting, Canada aims to contribute towards fostering a conducive environment for dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between all parties involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Conclusion: Towards a Brighter Future for Palestine

As Canada’s representation at the International Partners Meeting on Palestine unfolds, it is evident that diplomatic efforts and international cooperation are crucial in navigating the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By engaging in constructive dialogues and supporting meaningful reforms, Canada continues to play a vital role in advancing peace and stability in the region. Ultimately, the pursuit of sustainable peace and prosperity for Palestine and its people remains a shared responsibility that necessitates collective action and a unwavering commitment from the international community.



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