Messi no-show has BC fans raging over pricey Whitecaps tickets: “Highway robbery”


A Langford, B.C., family that spent thousands of dollars to give their son a chance to see his soccer idol is slamming the MLS and the superstar himself, after it was announced that Argentine forward Lionel Messi would be a no-show for Saturday’s game between his club Inter Miami and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

“The prices were extremely high only because of this superstar that was coming,” Karyn Theeparajah told Global News. “It’s highway robbery, if I am being honest, and the MLS knows that. They are getting away with it and I think it’s shameful.”

The Theeparajah family bought four-game Golden Era ticket packs — at a cost of about $2,000 — plus round-trip ferry fares for her son Carter’s ninth birthday, specifically because of the Miami game and marketing that heavily featured Messi.

Global’s Paul Johnson has the details.

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  1. Very sad, same situation with my grandson Adrian , 12, he is a real fan , has all his t-shirts, watches Messi's videos all the time, and he is a soccer player because of Messi ? ?, his mother got tickets for today's game ? ? ?

  2. Messi's avoidance to shake hands with John Lee and refusal to play football in Hong Kong ?? will make celebrities, such as Swift, think twice before coming to China.

  3. When you’re in the entertainment business, first rule is the show must go on. When you get that kinda money to play soccer you go and play. You take shots in the knees, you take frequent breaks, you show up. Because they chose to whimp out of their obligation the community has to do the same with the support. I have a job that ppl rely on me to perform and i get up everyday whether i want to or not. Messi can do the same

  4. Sorry Global News for not stating the reason why Messi wont be at the game today. He is injured. So just as any other professional athelete he wont be playing the game.

  5. This is not the first game that messi has missed and it wont be the last.. roll the dice by purchasing high priced inter miami tickets if you like however you are guaranteed nothing..

  6. It was a gamble that he would show up. Unfortunately a lot of people got burned. We wanted to see him as well but didn’t want to take the risk of buying tickets just to see one player and have them not show. It was well documented about his dislike to turf and the crappy MLS schedule for Miami surrounding this game.

  7. Blaming the home team because a member of the VISITING TEAM is injured and won’t be playing is ridiculous. Spending a thousand bucks to see a match is not anything I would publicly complain about, either. Nervy. Very nervy.


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