Liberals use podcasts and influencers to reclaim support from young voters

With podcasts and influencers, the Liberals fight to win back lost ground with younger voters

“In a world where social media holds immense power, the federal Liberals are recognizing the need to up their game in order to connect with younger voters. Trailing behind the Conservatives among millennials and Gen Z, the Liberals are making a concerted effort to engage with this crucial demographic through a variety of innovative strategies.

The Social Media Shift

With a recent budget focused on addressing the challenges faced by younger generations, such as housing affordability and the cost of living, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team have been actively engaging with popular social media platforms and influencers. From podcasts to YouTube channels, the Liberals are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to connect with millennials and Gen Z.

Trade Minister Mary Ng and MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith are among those embracing social media in creative ways, with the former even investing in a drone to capture content during international trade missions. Employment Minister Randy Boissonnault’s team of Gen Z staffers has taken over his feeds, leveraging social media trends to increase engagement significantly.

The Impact of Social Media Outreach

It seems that the Liberals’ efforts are starting to pay off, as recent polls suggest a narrowing gap between the Liberals and Conservatives among younger voters. This shift indicates a potential change in sentiment, with the Liberals gaining ground where they were previously struggling.

However, despite this progress, conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has been effectively reaching younger voters through social media by focusing on key issues like housing and the cost of living. Conservatives are resonating with millennials and even leading with millennial women, highlighting the importance of addressing the concerns of this demographic.

Overcoming Trust Issues

Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz acknowledges the trust issues that exist among younger voters, emphasizing the need for authenticity and transparency in messaging. By exploring traditional and unconventional means of reaching out to millennials and Gen Z, Dzerowicz aims to build a connection based on honesty and reliability.

Influencers and New Approaches

From unpaid content creators reviewing the budget to MPs engaging with TikTok influencers, the Liberals are leveraging various strategies to win back the support of younger voters. By emphasizing authenticity, humor, and relevance in their social media content, Liberal politicians are hoping to forge lasting connections with millennials and Gen Z.

Navigating Challenges

Despite the benefits of engaging with social media, Liberal MPs like Nathaniel Erskine-Smith are also grappling with challenges such as misinformation and platform bans. By adapting to these obstacles through innovative solutions, Erskine-Smith demonstrates a commitment to meeting young voters where they are and fostering meaningful dialogue.


In a landscape where social media plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion, the federal Liberals’ efforts to connect with millennials and Gen Z are crucial for their electoral prospects. By embracing new approaches, engaging with influencers, and addressing key issues, the Liberals are working towards building a stronger relationship with younger voters. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the success of these strategies could be instrumental in determining the outcome of future elections.



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