Experts reveal the harmful impact of this type of screen time on kids

This type of screen time is the worst for kids: experts

“Children’s screen time is a hot topic these days, but what about parents’ screen time? Experts warn that parents’ excessive screen time is having a detrimental impact on their children’s development. Instead of focusing on limiting kids’ screen time, perhaps it’s time for parents to take a hard look at their own habits.

## The Impact of Parents’ Screen Time

Dr. Victoria Talwar, a Canada research chair at McGill University, emphasizes the importance of parents being actively engaged in their children’s lives. She notes that parents play a crucial role in developing their children’s language, cognitive, and emotional skills. Being distracted by screens can prevent parents from providing the necessary attention and input that children need for healthy development.

Dr. William Bukowski, a psychology professor at Concordia University, points out that parents need to find a balance between being present for their children and being consumed by their screens. He warns against being tuned-out parents who only offer half-hearted attention to their kids while scrolling through social media feeds.

## Practice What You Preach

Talwar emphasizes the importance of parents modeling desired behavior for their children. If parents want their kids to limit screen time, they must lead by example. Setting boundaries around screen time and making a conscious effort to be present with their children is crucial for fostering healthy relationships and development.

In the end, it’s not about completely eliminating screen time but rather about finding a balance. Quality interactions with children, where they feel valued and heard, are key to supporting their growth and well-being. Parents must prioritize presence over distraction and show their children that they are the most important thing in their lives.

So next time you reach for your phone, ask yourself: am I missing out on a golden parenting moment? It may be time to put the screen down and truly engage with your child, because in the end, quality time together is what truly matters.”



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