Drug safety reform urged in BC schools following university student’s death


In response to the recent drug poisoning death at the University of Victoria, calls have been made for British Columbia to mandate CPR and naloxone training in high schools across the province.

The death of 18-year-old in January has prompted her parents to urge the province to take action, deeming the tragedy preventable.

Neetu Garcha reports that British Columbia is considering making CPR training mandatory in high school curriculums, following the example of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

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  2. CPR training is usefull for all sorts of emergencies – I took it years ago, never needed to use it and probably wouldn't in this day and age for fear of being sued if things go wrong – im not a medic so I wouldnt be confident about doing anything – would just call 911. that this young university student chose to take drugs presumably knowing the potential consequences is on her.

  3. Who knew hard drugs that make you dependent on them are bad. How about instead of going along with idiots you tell the real stories about how ppl on drugs destroy their families, their lives, and hurt everyone they know in a million ways.


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