Calgary Mover Urges Incentives for Recycling Homes Instead of Demolishing

Incentives needed for people to recycle homes over demolishing: Calgary mover

“Calgary’s Inner City Housing Demolition: A Look at the Numbers and Impact

In the bustling city of Calgary, houses are being torn down to make way for new developments, with only a small fraction being saved from the wrecking ball. City statistics reveal that a mere five percent of homes removed from sites are relocated to another location. This trend begs the question – what happens to the rest of these homes?

The Process of House Moving: A Sustainable Solution

Jaylene LaRose, co-owner of Wade’s House Moving, sheds light on the process of salvaging homes in Calgary. Her company works diligently to strip basements, insert beams, and lift houses off their foundations using a hydraulic jack system. This meticulous process ensures that houses are moved safely and without structural stress.

The Benefits of Recycling Homes

Moving a house can be a cost-effective solution for landowners, as it offers the opportunity to repurpose existing structures rather than building new ones from scratch. LaRose emphasizes the environmental impact of recycling homes, highlighting the significant amount of waste that is diverted from landfills through this practice. However, not every home is a viable candidate for relocation, with factors such as condition and cost playing a crucial role in the decision-making process.

The Call for Incentives and Grants

Despite the environmental and economic benefits of recycling homes, LaRose notes the lack of incentives or grants to support this sustainable initiative. As costs continue to rise, she advocates for policies that would encourage homeowners to choose recycling over demolition, ultimately reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Addressing the Housing Crisis

Recycled homes are not just a solution for individual landowners – they also have the potential to address larger societal issues such as the housing crisis. By relocating homes from urban centers to smaller towns, Calgary and Edmonton can make room for multi-family dwellings and alleviate the strain on housing availability.

In conclusion, the practice of recycling homes offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional demolition. By implementing incentives and support for this initiative, cities like Calgary can take a step towards a more environmentally conscious future while addressing pressing housing needs.”



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