2024 U23 Canadian Wrestling Championships: Champions Crowned by Wrestling Canada Lutte

Champions crowned at 2024 U23 Canadian Wrestling Championships - Wrestling Canada Lutte

“The 2024 U23 Canadian Wrestling Championships showcased the incredible talent of young wrestlers vying for national titles and a spot on the Canadian U23 national team. From Ontario dominating the women’s side to Burnaby Mountain WC shining in the men’s competition, the event was filled with exciting matches and standout performances. Let’s dive deeper into the results and highlight the achievements of these promising athletes.”

### Women’s Dominance

Ontario emerged as the standout province on the women’s side, clinching the Provincial Team Award with an impressive 41 total points. The province boasted five gold medalists, including standout wrestlers like Kelyn Young and Serena Di Benedetto. Burnaby Mountain WC also made waves by securing the Club Team Award, thanks to Victoria Seal’s victory in the 55kg weight class. Gabriela Cross from Dinos WC stood out as the Most Outstanding Wrestler, showcasing her skills in the 59kg weight class.

### Men’s Triumph

On the men’s side, Ontario once again stole the show by clinching the Provincial Team Award with 57 points. With top performers like Treye Trotman and Dechlan Papadopoulos, Ontario showcased its dominance on the mat. Burnaby Mountain WC emerged victorious in the Club Team category, with wrestlers like Patrik Leder and Owen Martin securing gold medals. Martin’s exceptional performance also earned him the title of Most Outstanding Wrestler in the men’s division.

As the tournament comes to a close, these young wrestlers have proven their potential and set their sights on future success in the sport. The excitement doesn’t end here, as the action now shifts to the Senior World Team Trials, where wrestlers will battle for a chance to compete in the Senior World Championships in Tirana, Albania. The journey of these athletes is only beginning, and their dedication and passion for wrestling will continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates and thrilling competitions from Wrestling Canada Lutte as these talented athletes continue to make their mark on the wrestling world.”

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