World court orders Israel to immediately end Rafah invasion


The ICJ called for the immediate end to Israel’s invasion of Rafah over humanitarian concerns.

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  1. World Court shoulder mind their own business and stay the hell out of there. You are insulting my intelligence as a human. Arabs have been fighting for over 5000 years. You just put your 2 cents in, because you want their resources, pure and simple. Leave them alone!!

  2. Wrong interpretation.
    Four of the 15 judges argue ruling does not require that Israel halt all Rafah operations if it ensures it’s complying with the Genocide Convention

  3. Israel will talk about the holocaust and call everyone antisemites. It’s worked all this time. America won’t let this happen. They risk being called out to for the countries they’ve destroyed and the millions killed and maimed.

  4. This ruling states to halt the offense in case it leads to the physical destruction, which is not new.
    The ruling also requires to open the Rafah crossing, which refers to Egypt.

    Now in terms of allowing investigators into Gaza? I dont think the investigators would like that.

  5. What do psychiatrists call someone who supports, condones or just doesn't care at all about the mass slaughter of unarmed women and children?

    Psychopath or sociopath. LOOK IT UP.

    If you don't support an immediate, and permanent, ceasefire in Gaza do you know which one you are?


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