Winnipeg weekend weather forecast: Endless rain continues in Manitoba

Rain, rain and more rain: Manitoba stays wet heading into weekend - Winnipeg

“Brace yourselves, Winnipeg and southern Manitoba residents, because the rainy weather is here to linger for a while longer. With dark clouds looming overhead and the sound of raindrops tapping on the window, it seems like a cozy weekend indoors is in store for many.

The Downpour Continues:

As areas like Winkler and Morden have already experienced a significant amount of rainfall, and the southern regions bordering the U.S. have seen even more, Environment Canada is not letting up on the rainfall warnings anytime soon. Kyle Ziolkowski from Environment Canada mentioned that a substantial amount of precipitation is expected, with some areas potentially seeing close to 50 millimetres of rain or even more, depending on the intensity of the rain bands.

The weekend forecast predicts heavy rain throughout Friday, gradually easing off by Saturday afternoon. Strong winds up to 60 kilometres per hour are also expected, adding a touch of drama to the gloomy weather.

The Impact on Farmers:

Farmers in the region, like Ian Smith from the Argyle area, are feeling the brunt of the continuous rain. While the downpour may cause delays in planting sensitive crops like soybeans and canola, Smith acknowledges that it’s a better scenario compared to the drought Southern Manitoba faced four years ago. However, the incessant rain has made traveling on gravel and dirt roads a nightmare, hindering farm operations and causing frustrating delays.

Mother Nature Rules:

Smith shared that being a farmer means being at the mercy of Mother Nature. Despite the challenges and obstacles the weather presents, farmers persist, knowing that ultimately, they are not in control of the elements. As Smith aptly put it, “Mother Nature is our boss.”

In conclusion, while the rain may dampen weekend plans and pose challenges for farmers, it’s a reminder of the delicate balance between humanity and nature. As we navigate through the rainy days ahead, let’s appreciate the rhythm of the natural world and the resilience of those who work closely with it.”



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