U.S. Senators call on Trudeau to meet NATO defense spending goal in official letter

U.S. Senators urge Trudeau to reach NATO defence spending target in letter 

“The Pressure on Canada to Meet NATO’s Defence Spending Obligations”

In a world where security threats are constantly evolving, the importance of strong defence capabilities cannot be overstated. And for the NATO alliance, the commitment of each member country to meet their defence spending obligations is crucial for the collective security of all.

A recent letter from a bipartisan group of 23 U.S. senators to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again put the spotlight on Canada’s failure to meet the NATO target of spending at least 2% of GDP on defence. As the alliance gears up for its 75th-anniversary summit in Washington, D.C., the senators urged Canada to step up and fulfill its commitments.

Canada’s Defence Spending Shortfall

Despite Canada’s recent defence plan focusing on areas like climate change, cyber threats, and gender equality in the military, it falls short of the NATO requirement to spend 2% of GDP on defence. While Defence Minister Bill Blair has announced increased spending, it still leaves Canada below the desired target of 2% by 2030.

The senators highlighted the importance of meeting NATO’s pledge to allocate 20% of the defence budget towards modernizing capabilities. While Canada’s plan exceeds this mark, it fails to bring the country to the 2% threshold by the agreed-upon deadline of 2029.

The Consequences of Inaction

The senators’ letter emphasized the urgent need for Canada to increase defence spending, warning that failure to do so would not only harm the country’s obligations to the alliance but also weaken the security of all NATO allies. The North American Aerospace Defence Command’s modernization process, vital for collective security, requires immediate cooperation from the Canadian government.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

As the United States prepares to host the 2024 NATO Summit later this year, the pressure is on for Canada and other member states to outline their plans to meet the 2% defence spending target. The importance of collective security and upholding commitments to the alliance cannot be understated.

In a rapidly changing world where threats to security are diverse and complex, meeting defence spending obligations is not just a matter of numbers—it’s a matter of ensuring the safety and security of all those who are part of the NATO alliance. The time for action is now, and Canada must rise to the challenge to strengthen its defence capabilities for the benefit of all.



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