Truck driver in deadly 2018 Humboldt Broncos bus crash ordered to be deported


Annie Bergeron-Oliver has more on how the truck driver behind the deadly Humboldt bus crash in 2018 will be deported from Canada.

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  1. Like normal. They will change his name and be back in vancouver driving. Wont be long and does it again. So many on the road that shouldn’t be. Old saying was, u goto to canada and get ur license from a cracker jack box.

  2. My take on this is a bit different, he should be sentenced and stay in jail for the full term and after completing the jail term be deported. By what Canadian government is doing, criminals will come in Canada commit crime and get away by deportation.

  3. Only took 6 years and an amazing amount of taxpayers dollars. What a dysfunctional justice system. Why is justice so expensive? It appears to me, that it a syatem meant to employ lawyers and judges. Critcal need to be reformed. A healthy society needs to prioritize justice over profit

  4. No, Mr. Sidhu could have helped Cda w/his experience and insights, he would not reoffend, whereas the company who he was working for has no incentive to stop pushing new drivers.

  5. All this time wasting and waste of taxpayer money when he should have just been deported immediately, Trudeau should be paying for all of this directly out his salary, he loves India more then Canadians anyways


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