Tick uptick: How to protect yourself (and your pets) from being bitten, and what to do if you are


You may have noticed a bit of an uptick in the number of tick bites (and ticks in general) right about now, especially if you live in places like Sasketchewan.

According to vets, ticks like to attach to dogs in places like the armpits, ears and places where they can hide and avoid being scratched off.

So what are some tips for folks looking to take a bite out of those things taking a bite out of them (and their pets!)?

“Ideally if you can pick them off before they attach and engorge, that is best for everyone,” said Emily Jenkins, veterinary microbiology professor at USask.

Global’s Nicole Healey has more.

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  1. It's a ticking time bomb.
    I'm getting ticked off.
    What do ticks & the Eiffel tower have in common?
    They're both Paris sites…
    Did you hear the joke about the tick?
    It really gets under your skin.


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