The Front Bench panel on claims Tories are against pharmacare | Power Play with Todd Vanderheyden


Sabrina Grover, Melanie Paradis, Gurratan Singh and Rachel Aiello on Trudeau’s claim of Conservatives being against pharmacare investment.

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  1. Cpc already said they are against pharmacare , dental care , goverment providing lunch to straving children and even affordable childcare . As long as the goverment pays for it

  2. Polling says Canadians don't want what Trudeau wants. Taxpaying voters want the right to choose where and how they want their tax dollars to be spent and not be made slaves to government programs and government dictates. Just end up increasing the already obscenely fat bloated bureaucracy.

  3. Pharmacare is two drugs that the government chooses and approves from a list to be provided. So if your current drug you are taking and is expensive the government will approve a cheaper choice

  4. Trudeau has sold out Canadians, his incompetence screams, we already have all those programs in every province. Also who is going to pay for all the extra promises. We're already paying more for everything in this country

  5. The idea of including the diabetese in this so called pharmacare but adding contraceptive is just using women for politacal wackoness! They should add antibiotics in there for kids and seniors instead!!

  6. Gurratan Singh is on a government funded news show blatantly promoting the NDP, taking credit from liberals and demonizing conservatives. Did he pay for this campaign appearance? Lobbyists in the cabinet is bad enough but keep them off the news

  7. Who says Poilievre we make these cuts the ones who are saying this are the NDP liberals you know the ones who are behind in the polls
    that's who. Poilievre won't say his policies because he can't make them happen now wait till the election to see PP 4 PM

  8. Singh's brother should not be allowed to be there. F**k Canada, why are you letting all these two-bit criminals walk all over you? Unbelievable. Unbelievable.


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