Restaurants Canada warns of unsustainable price hikes for chicken in B.C.

Restaurants Canada says price increases coming to B.C. chicken 'unsustainable'

“Chicken lovers in British Columbia may soon be facing a bitter reality as the farm-level price of chicken is expected to soar, thanks to a new pricing formula proposed by the B.C. Chicken Marketing Board. Restaurants Canada warns that this increase could translate to a 10% spike in costs for consumers across the province.

Rising Costs and Consumer Impact

The B.C. Chicken Marketing Board justified the need for the new pricing formula by highlighting the challenges faced by farmers due to escalating costs. However, this move has sparked concerns among various food industry groups, including the Retail Council of Canada, who fear that this decision could push consumer prices up by an average of 15%. These groups have raised alarms about the potential pressure this would put on businesses and consumers alike.

Unsustainability and Advocacy for Change

Restaurants Canada, representing the interests of its members, emphasizes that further price hikes on chicken would be unsustainable, especially given that British Columbians already pay higher retail prices for chicken compared to other provinces. The association pledges to advocate for changes to the price-setting process, recognizing the financial strain this decision could place on both the industry and consumers.

A Compelling Call to Action

As the debate over chicken prices in B.C. continues to unfold, it is crucial for stakeholders to consider the broader implications of any pricing adjustments. While farmers grapple with rising costs, consumers also face the prospect of bearing the brunt of these changes through increased prices at their favorite eateries. Finding a balance that supports the viability of the industry without burdening consumers excessively is key to ensuring a sustainable and thriving poultry market.

In conclusion, the decision to increase the farm-level price of chicken in British Columbia signifies a pivotal moment for the province’s poultry industry and its consumers. As discussions on pricing formulas and market realities evolve, all parties involved must strive to find solutions that uphold the interests of farmers, businesses, and consumers. Balancing affordability and profitability will be essential in navigating the complex landscape of poultry pricing, ensuring a fair and equitable outcome for all.”



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