Putin open to Ukraine ceasefire with conditions: Reuters report


Four anonymous sources apparently close to Russian President Vladimir Putin say he is willing to end his war if Russia is allowed to keep the territories it now controls in Ukraine.

The big question is whether the messages are real.

Mike Armstrong reports.

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  1. This contradicts earlier statements by Dmitri Medvedev and other top officials that the Russian army will go all the way to the Polish border, this is the only way for Russia to make sure this territory is never controlled by NATO directly or indirectly. For a secure Russia, any form of independent Ukraine next to its borders simply cannot exist, as the 2013 Maidan and the 2014 coup-d'etat clearly demonstrated. Putin himself spoke on several occasions that Ukraine will lose its statehood if it follows the current course, in other words, will return to its historic place within Russia (and from where Russia as a united state evolved in the early Middle Ages to a large degree).

  2. Biden administration is quite desperate. It's finally dawned upon them that to try to somehow prop up Zelenskyy regime until November is just a pipedream. They plant the same story every other month. First it was Bloomberg and NYT, now Reuters. When asked about these articles Putin's spokesperson said quite bluntly that all Russian goals had to be met, i.e. denazification, demilitarization and a neutral status of Ukraine.

  3. Putin = Say/do ratio below ?? zero and “ IF” it were true which I doubt, Putin invaded Ukraine destroying and devastating everything. He has no legitimate claim over the 18% they might be controlling by use of force now, nor do they have any right to Crimea! I want Peace for Ukraine and I am sure millions of displaced Ukrainian people do as well; however if Ukraine ceded territory it will only be a temporary phase with imitation Peace. Putin wants all of Ukraine, that is obvious. Glory to the Defender’s of Ukraine, Glory to Ukraine never ever let that Glory fade! Keep the spirit of resistance alive and the torch of Victory burning! Slava Ukraini. ????????

  4. Yeah, Putin's conditions for peace in Ukraine is for Zelensky to resign, and replaced with pro-Russian leader, and unconditional surrender, and surrender all weapons.

  5. Amazing. A war criminal trying to make it sound like he is being the good guy by saying he wants the war he started to end. But he wants to keep the areas he has taken during his criminal and unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Does he think that he is an innocent man in the eyes of the world. Total madman on the run.

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