Potential panic at the border: 9,000 workers could strike ahead of Canada’s summer travel season


Genevieve Beauchemin has the latest on the potential strike of roughly 9,000 workers with Canada’s border agency ahead of the summer.

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  1. Hey, I am a truck driver. Not only pay is not regulated in our job, also I am getting paid by the mile, so sitting and waiting for the strike to finnish I won't make any money.
    I wish I could go on strike to do something about that.
    But then I remember how Canada deals with truckers that want to achive something..

  2. Further evidence that basic federal public services are in shambles. Canadians deserve better from this government. They need to get back to core services and stop adding all these non essential services like free child care and free pharmacare when they cannot even deliver basic services like passports and a secure border.


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