Liberal messaging blunders by Fergus and Freeland | CAPITAL DISPATCH


CTV News’ Rachel Aiello breaks down what you need to know from this week in Canadian politics.

House of Commons Speaker Greg Fergus was back in the Conservative Party’s crosshairs this week over an overtly partisan BBQ event listing – Rachel explains what happened and what the fallout could be.

The Capital Dispatch Quote of the Week features a moment in question period that quickly backfired on Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who had to apologize for a jab against Pierre Poilievre.

Finally, what should you be watching for next week as the sprint towards the summer continues on Parliament Hill? There’s two key bills — Rachel explains what they are and if they’ll pass.

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  1. This is ridiculous that elected officials are allowed to repeatedly mess up. Not one person has been reprimanded. This is what happens when you have a Government that masks incompetence and corruption, with righteousness and calls for racism.

  2. How about talking about their Extending the election date in order to get pension none of the politicians should qualify for a pension after the last eight years they put in shame on them

  3. Every time Fergus shows clear partisan bias he immediately blames someone below him. He keeps shitting all over the office of the speaker and then punching down on his subordinates to make himself feel/look better. It was the same story with the partisan video he recorded in his speaker's robes.

    Imagine having to work for this guy. He doesn't have the trust of two major parties and doesn't have control of conduct in the house. He's clearly not fit for the job. He needs to go.

  4. Fergus 100% should not be in this role! He also threw Rachael Thomas out of the HOC unjustly! Her words "I withdraw " were in the blues and you could hear her say it! These words were not transferred to the Hansard!

  5. Ms Aiello, I know that this is what you do for a living, however I would like to thank you for your work. It does make a difference to those, like me, who are on the political fence regarding next year's election.

  6. Where is the explanation or investigation of the QP Hansard transcripts being altered as per Thomas ejection. Altering official transcript documents of the House of Parliment proceedings is against the law. Someone intentionally altered the transcripts as Thomas pointed out in her complaint? How is that investigation going Fergus?

  7. Imagine extending the election date so MPs would get paid out via the massive pension before getting elected out. While food banks across Canada are on the verge of collapse, over 6.5% of unemployment rate, highest violent crime index recorded in canadian history, highest cost of living recorded in Canadian history. Higher population growth rate in population percentage than India and Pakistan combined.

  8. More than just being bias, which he is, Fergus has no control of the house. This yet another example of how unruly the house, he is supposed to keep control of, has become and therefore how terrible he is at his job.


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