Guelph, Ont. Purolator truck drivers rescue pedestrian on Hwy. 407 lanes

Purolator truck drivers from Guelph, Ont. save man walking in Hwy. 407 lanes

“Heroic Purolator Drivers Save a Life on the Highway”

On a dark night in April, two Purolator transport truck drivers from Guelph, Ontario, became unlikely heroes as they sprang into action to help a person in crisis. What started as a routine drive quickly turned into a life-saving mission for Melinda Olah and Manohar Rehal.

The Crisis on the Highway

Late on April 29, Melinda Olah spotted a man walking in the middle of Highway 407 near Brampton, Ontario. Acting quickly, she pulled over and tried to get the man out of harm’s way. It was evident that the man was in distress, but with traffic zooming past dangerously close, Olah knew she couldn’t wait for help to arrive. Without hesitation, she drove behind the man with her hazard lights on, hoping to shield him from oncoming vehicles.

Unexpected Backup Arrives

Just when things seemed dire, fate intervened as fellow Purolator driver, Manohar Rehal, happened to arrive on the scene. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Rehal joined forces with Olah to create a protective barrier on the highway. Together, they navigated the lanes, ensuring the man’s safety until police arrived.

Recognition and Gratitude

The Ontario Provincial Police Highway Safety Division commended Olah and Rehal for their swift and selfless actions that undoubtedly saved a life that night. Their quick thinking and teamwork not only prevented a tragedy but also ensured the safety of everyone on the road. Both drivers humbly accepted the praise but credited each other for their joint effort in handling the crisis.

A Lasting Bond

Through this harrowing experience, Olah and Rehal forged a bond that transcends their roles as coworkers. Their shared mission of delivering precious cargo took on new meaning that night, as they worked together to deliver a different kind of rescue. The heroic actions of these Purolator drivers serve as a reminder of the impact individuals can have when they come together in times of need.

In the end, the story of these two drivers serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion, quick thinking, and teamwork in the face of adversity. As we navigate the challenges of life, may we all be inspired by the example set by Melinda Olah and Manohar Rehal, who showed that ordinary people can become heroes in extraordinary circumstances.”



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