Doug Ford says he’ll never decriminalize “hardcore drugs” in Ontario


Doug Ford said as long as he’s premier, he’s never going to decriminalize “hardcore drugs” in Ontario. He said he sent a letter to the federal government regarding safe supply, which he called a ‘disaster,’ and says the program is responsible for half of the toxic drug deaths in B.C. “Anyone who thinks it’s okay, they’re wrong,” he added. #safesupply #drugdecriminalization



  1. And who exactly is gonna build and fund those rehab and detox centres because with his track record of taking away funds from schools and the healthcare system, I highly doubt he’s going to do it

  2. why does the Government tell me what i can and cant do?
    heroin is Harmless, Heroin Addiction is the problem
    Other countries feed your addictions to destroy what you believe
    Rob Ford, …

  3. Alcohol and nicotine. Both substances are addictive and have serious long-term health effects but both are legal. I disagree with allowing people to use drugs in public, but one should be able to use drugs in their own home as long as they arent harming others.

  4. Well done!
    Im a recovering addict 17 yrs clean. I did not need by miserable life to be stretched out by enablers.
    Addicts dépendant not only on drugs but, the government.

  5. Sending em to AA or NA and you end up with a room full of delusional people who say you have to accept their invisible friend they say is causing people to walk on a lake of fire for all eternity.

  6. The detox centers don’t even help, if anything the government needs to put a huge bann on all drugs and the imports of drugs !!
    People should be smarter and not vote for old past criminals and addicts for pm or old peddophiles because all those guys wanna do is destroy our Canadian country and make matters worse!
    Sorry Doug ford but I rather vote for someone smarter younger and has a proper mind on how our country should be which back in 19996-7 was a great time and prives for everything was decent and affordable plus there wasn’t so many people coming into this country causing as much issues as there is today within the past 6 years.
    I stand firm and people across Canada should open up their eyes a lot better and see whose all the issue and who should be get our well deserved votes cuz it’s 100% not Doug for or Justin Trudeau !!

  7. Ford is dead wrong. Legalization, certainly in the short term, may increase usage. The idea is that, managed properly, it can decouple usage from criminal activity. It has worked well, in Portugal for example. In BC, we did it wrong … too fast and with inadequate support systems. So it’s not a simple problem. We also know what DOESN’T work and that’s prohibition. It’s just an invitation to corruption and organized crime.

  8. Conservatives. What can you say. No imagination. Not an inquisitive bone in the body. There are so many ways that decriminalizing and even legalizing have completely changed substance interaction for the better. It all just fear and reinforcing wives tales.

  9. He’s not done his research has he ? They were not criminalised because of public endangerment or alcohol would be banned, nope weed and other controlled substances are labelled as such because it was a way of CONTROLLING namely the Black people ! Crazy

  10. $2b a year is spent with 22 organizations on Vancouvers downtown eastside. Seven people a day die there despite 'safe drug supply'. The people who are giving the government the advice will be unemployed and will no longer have access to the $2b. Simple solution…detox and drug recovery treatment. Fat Doug is bang on.

  11. it's almost like decriminalizing drugs also requires an expanded rehabilitation system, Portugal decriminalized and later legalized "hardcore drugs", ensured their supply and took that revenue to overhaul a massive portion of their society, and guess what, it worked.

    decriminalizing is only part of the answer and the main point behind it is to assist in drug addicts regaining their humanity, instead of remaining as a group of people to kick down at, much like Ford loves to do.


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