Discover the legality of magic mushroom stores in Toronto – are they operating in a legal grey area?

Are magic mushroom stores sprouting around Toronto operating in a legal grey area?

“Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: The Legal Grey Area in Canada

Walking through downtown Toronto and seeing the clusters of colourful stores advertising magic mushrooms for sale, you’d be forgiven for thinking Canada had legalized psilocybin alongside cannabis. Dispensaries offering the hallucinogenic drug have sprouted throughout the country’s biggest city, adorned with bold signage that does not attempt to hide what is being sold. Inside, products range from magic mushrooms to chocolate infused with the drug. Helpful cashiers stand ready to advise people looking for guidance. Psilocybin has a psychedelic effect on those who use it, which some claim has therapeutic effects.

Legal Grey Area: Police Enforcement vs. Acceptance

In spite of the apparent official nature of these shops, Toronto police are clear that the entire enterprise is illegal. They’re not operating through any loophole that the brazen presentation might suggest. “Police enforce the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and psilocybin is an illegal substance under the Act,” a spokesperson for the force told Global News.

While police do occasionally raid the stores selling psilocybin and sometimes lay charges, one owner of psilocybin stores in the Greater Toronto Area mentioned that raids are a regular occurrence, with charges often laid and products seized. Stores, they said, are usually restocked and reopened within hours of a police visit. The owner justified their actions, saying that the stores provide access that the government cannot give.

City Authorities’ Position

The City of Toronto claims to have no way to track the number of illegal dispensaries and does not have the authority to issue business licenses for substances controlled under the Federal Controlled Drug and Substance Act. Toronto police have also stated that while they conduct investigations into illegal dispensaries when necessary, the issue is ultimately a relatively low priority for them.

Legal Challenges and Perspectives

Some in the psilocybin space are pushing to see it legalized along the same lines as cannabis, with legal challenges being made based on freedom of expression. A spokesperson for Ontario’s solicitor general, however, reiterated the importance of enforcing existing legislation, including laws prohibiting psilocybin. This raises questions about the future of psilocybin legalization and whether it will follow in the footsteps of cannabis in Canada.


The legal status of psilocybin in Canada remains a complex and controversial issue. While some argue for legalization based on potential therapeutic benefits and freedom of expression, others emphasize the importance of upholding existing laws and regulations. As the debate continues, it is essential to consider different perspectives and gather more evidence on the potential benefits and risks associated with psilocybin use. Ultimately, the future of psilocybin in Canada will be shaped by ongoing legal challenges, public opinion, and scientific research.”



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