Deportation ordered for truck driver charged in deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash


More than six years after the horrific Humboldt Broncos bus crash, the man driving the semi-truck has been ordered to be deported.

An Immigration and Refugee Board hearing was held virtually in Calgary for Jaskirat Singh Sidhu on Friday morning, where the decision was handed out.

The decision was a forgone conclusion, according to Sidhu’s lawyer Michael Greene, who has said all that’s required to deport his client is proof that he is not a Canadian citizen and he committed a serious crime.

“That happened,” Greene said Friday. “There’s no contest, which is why we conceded those points and it was over and done with within a matter of minutes.”

Sidhu was granted full parole last year.

Greene said the deportation process could take months or years. Meanwhile, Greene said he plans to file an application asking the government to return Sidhu’s permanent resident status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Sarah Offin has more.

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  1. I’m a retired Canadian truck driver I used to run hwy 16 in Ontario when snow was on the road these new Trudeau drivers coming at you would drive on your side of the road and put you on the shoulder

  2. Put him in jail for another 15 years in sodi arabia they don't let you go if you take someone life even i. Accidents either you pay family a big money or they forgive you this guy took 15 life . Lot of indians get drunk at work i know them very well

  3. Now it costs 10000 dollars to get a class one drivers license in Alberta. If they just enforced the law to begin with there would not have been an issue. The guy was not trained properly and there are lots more not trained properly. Now there is not enough truck drivers which costs us more for goods. He should have never been behind that wheel to start with.

  4. This man owned up to this tragedy completely and seems more remorseful than most of the convicts born here… I really don’t see what deporting him is supposed to do?

  5. So much is so wrong with our justice system, nothing like the American justice system. "Justice for the victims " ??. Not Canada! It's about "MENTAL DISEASE." blame who gave him his license, in Canada it's who you know, not what you know. So much is wrong with Canada.

  6. Its tough to deal with a driver to lazy to downshift for a stop, then run through and destroy countless lives, he made the choice to be a bad driver, the kids had no choice to love, live and enjoy the comfort of what Canada is. Now Canada is filled with what. Get him out of our country

  7. Did he do jail time? No? Then deportation is minor. Do not break up the family. Send them ALL back.
    The families can forgive, but in order for justice to be served, he has to go.

  8. Other considerations aside, if you come to Canada and apply for citizenship, and there is a couple of rows of tombstones you are associated with, the optics are just poor. So your son is sick, but still alive , unlike those buried.

  9. Who is footing the bill for this? The irony is that the families of the victims' tax dollars are going toward his defense. In this case, the lawyers are coming out to be the winners while our inept legal system seems to favor the perpetrators.


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