Delays hit Broadway subway and Pattullo Bridge replacement, pushing timelines back by 1 year

Broadway subway, Pattullo Bridge replacement both delayed by 1 year

“Two major infrastructure projects in British Columbia are facing delays, causing concerns and frustration among residents. The Broadway subway and the Pattullo Bridge replacement projects, which were expected to be completed within a certain timeframe, have been pushed back by at least a year.

Broadway Subway Delay:

The Broadway subway project has encountered setbacks, including issues with relocating major utilities and installing traffic decks. Tunnelling and station excavation, although now completed, took longer than anticipated, partly due to a concrete strike in 2022. As a result, the subway line is now projected to begin service in fall 2027, a year later than planned.

Pattullo Bridge Replacement Delay:

On the other hand, the Pattullo Bridge replacement project, which started in 2020, has been impacted by inflation and global supply chain disruptions related to specialized components. The construction of its bridge tower, the tallest in B.C., also faced unexpected delays. Consequently, the completion date for the bridge has been pushed to fall 2025, a year behind the original schedule.

Implications and Reflections:

These delays raise concerns about the management of public infrastructure projects in the province. It calls for a thorough review of the planning and execution processes to ensure timely and efficient completion of such critical undertakings. While unforeseen circumstances can arise in large-scale projects, proactive measures must be taken to mitigate risks and prevent unnecessary delays.


As British Columbia grapples with delays in these essential infrastructure projects, it serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in such endeavors. The community and stakeholders must stay informed and engaged in the process to hold accountable those responsible for the timely delivery of these projects. Moving forward, a collaborative effort is needed to address the challenges and ensure smooth progress towards a sustainable and robust infrastructure network for the province.”



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