Cumberland House, Saskatchewan in state of emergency as highway becomes impassable

Cumberland House, Sask., in state of emergency due to impassable highway

In the remote community of Cumberland House in northeast Saskatchewan, a crisis is unfolding as essential supplies run dangerously low. The only access road into the community, Highway 123, has been compromised by recent heavy rains, leaving residents in desperate need of assistance.

**State of Emergency Declared**

Mayor Ferlin McKay of Cumberland House has made the difficult decision to declare a state of emergency due to the deteriorating condition of the highway. The lack of necessities like milk, bread, baby formula, and prescription medications has put the health and well-being of the residents at risk. The situation is dire, and urgent action is required to prevent a potential humanitarian crisis.

**Calls for Immediate Action**

Community leaders are pleading with the provincial and federal governments to step in and provide support. Although the Ministry of Highways has allocated $3.3 million for repairs to Highway 123, residents like Renee Carriere argue that this is not sufficient. Carriere, a business owner and educator in the area, highlights the urgent need for more substantial funding to address the critical infrastructure issues plaguing Cumberland House.

**More Than Just a Road**

Premier Scott Moe acknowledges the significance of Highway 123 as the lifeline for Cumberland House and promises to prioritize the conversation around its maintenance. However, it is evident that words alone will not solve the pressing challenges faced by the community. Action must be taken to ensure that residents have access to essential services and resources to thrive.

As the situation in Cumberland House intensifies, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of infrastructure in isolated communities. The ongoing struggle for basic necessities underscores the need for sustainable solutions and long-term investments in critical infrastructure. It is not just about repairing a road; it is about safeguarding the well-being and livelihoods of those who call Cumberland House home. The time for action is now, before it is too late.



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