Critics dismiss RCMP addition of Indigenous ribbon skirt


Ever since 1990 when Baltej Singh Dhillon won the right to wear a turban while on duty, the RCMP, on occasion, adjusted its uniform regulations to reflect cultural and religious diversity in its ranks.

The latest edition, a ribbon skirt, is now part of the ceremonial uniform options for Indigenous officers who identify as women or Two-Spirit people.

Public reaction to the change is largely negative.

Melissa Ridgen explains why.

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  1. To change the course of history one must become part of the change.. symbolic representation is a powerful thing like the canoe it's direction can be more readily steered in the proper direction from within it's hull…

  2. the RCMP does have a history blotted with terrible incidents and purpose, but we should be focusing on the positive stuff we can do now to make the future of the organization better for members of it and those they deal with, not just wallow in how bad the past was because that gets us nowhere


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