Citizens will reject WHO’s global health policies and rally for freedom in Geneva next week


| As the World Health Organization vies to strengthen its mandate through legally binding international health regulations and a new pandemic treaty, citizens are saying enough is enough and uniting under the Geneva Project to shape the future they want for their health and well-being.

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  1. To be frank what the world needs is each country to have its own culture and just learn to get along with each other. Thought that history would have taught us about the atrocities and suffering and all for what? We don’t need constant vaccines for ailments that have been created in a lab. Stop the labs, no more disease. Scientists and big pharmas have become greedy, maybe if they got out into the real world and got some real life experience they would become better people.
    How did we get to here and why are they so intent in putting mRNA technology into everyone arm pod ? That’s my number one question. People love to travel and meet other people in other parts of the world, called tourism, leave them alone.
    And leave us all alone to have our lives, we don’t need to have big brother or big pharmas telling us now to live. In the words of uncle Louie, get a cup, and facoffee. Sitta down and relaaaxxaaa… life if a journey not a destination….. otherwise polly put the kettle on because they will be having a lot of visitors for a very high tea…scones and jam anyone…???

  2. Family is everything, these people are just pisssed that they don’t have any. Jill and Belinda g…are not doctors, they are satonists and demonic, things my grandparents warned me about… toucha the kids and the people and looka out, you will have the Zio’s to deal with.

  3. Legally binding? Is he WHO inflicting more scare mongering, and threats to the public? Do you really think you can inject citizens at your invocation of a public health mandate? People are wiser. The curtain has been drawn back to expose widespread willful misinformation on the government's part.

  4. I saw a report where "if" Turdeau signs onto the WHO's Pandemic Treaty, then he (hopefully) loses the next electionm, that there is a clause in the agreement that signatories can only cancel out no sooner than two years after originally signing on date, and that the cancellation process would take a full year to complete, therefore that would mean we would be stuck with the agreement for at least three years!!!

  5. Adolph and company had absolutely nothing on the present-day evil elite. And now he and all the other outrageous people and events are being used as distractions to keep us all riled up so as to draw attention away from what goes on now.


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