Canada’s DJ BBad brings high energy soundtracks to top breaking competitions in Edmonton – Find out more!

Canada’s DJ BBad provides soundtrack at top breaking competitions: ‘The whole thing’s about energy’ - Edmonton

“‘DJ BBad: The Soundtrack of Breaking’

Breaking, much like figure skating, is an art form that relies heavily on music to enhance the performance. And at the national finals of Red Bull BC One Cypher Canada, Andel James, better known as DJ BBad, will be the man behind the music. But his journey from breaker to DJ wasn’t just about playing tunes – it was about understanding the energy and vibe that makes breakdancing so unique.

From Breaker to DJ

Starting his journey as a breaker in 1999, James quickly realized the importance of music in competitions. His transition to becoming a DJ was driven by his desire to provide the perfect soundtrack that would energize the dancers and complement their performances. His background as a dancer gave him a unique insight into the kind of music that breakers would love to dance to.

Creating the Perfect Soundtrack

As the official DJ for the Red Bull event, James carefully curates segments of songs that are designed to elevate the energy in the room. From funky beats to classic jams, he knows how to create a soundtrack that will get the dancers moving. His expertise in juggling and scratching allows him to seamlessly blend different tracks together, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for both the dancers and the audience.

The Art of DJing in Breakdancing

Unlike figure skating or other sports, breakdancers don’t get to choose their own music. This places a huge responsibility on the DJ to create a soundtrack that will inspire and motivate the competitors. James takes this role seriously, carefully selecting and mixing tracks to ensure that each battle is accompanied by the perfect beat.

A Different Perspective

While breakdancing may seem like a niche sport, James believes that the music he plays can transcend boundaries. Songs like ‘The Mexican’ by Babe Ruth might evoke different reactions depending on the audience, but the universal language of music allows everyone to connect and enjoy the performance.

In Conclusion

Andel James, aka DJ BBad, is not just a DJ – he’s a storyteller, using music to elevate the art of breaking to new heights. His passion for music and dance shines through in every performance, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for all those who witness it. So next time you watch a breakdancing competition, remember to pay attention to the soundtrack – because behind every great dancer, there’s a great DJ keeping the beat alive.”



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