Boost Your Edmonton Youth’s Life with an All-Terrain Wheelchair – Find out how!

Edmonton youth gets new lease on life with all-terrain wheelchair - Edmonton

“A New Lease on Freedom: Edmonton Youth Gets All-Terrain Wheelchair to Navigate the World Again”

Introduction: Imagine the sheer joy of regaining freedom after a tragic accident that left you paralyzed. This is the reality for Tanner Leslie, a brave 12-year-old from Edmonton who recently received a game-changing gift – a new wheelchair that allows him to explore the world once more.

The Accident and its Aftermath:
Tanner’s life took a drastic turn after a head-on collision in July 2023 left him unable to walk. The accident, which occurred west of Revelstoke, Alta., resulted in Tanner losing all feeling from the waist down. While the rest of the family survived, Tanner bore the weight of severe physical disabilities.

The Shine Foundation’s Lifesaving Gift:
Fortunately, the Shine Foundation stepped in to provide the support Tanner and his family desperately needed. Through their innovative solution, the “not a wheelchair rig,” Tanner can now maneuver an electric all-terrain chair using his arms. This cutting-edge technology gives him the freedom to access terrains that were once off-limits with his manual wheelchair.

A Glint of Hope and Excitement:
With his new wheelchair, Tanner has already started rediscovering the freedom he once took for granted. Excited about the possibilities this rig offers, he looks forward to removing more barriers and embracing adventure once again. His mother, Carly, was moved to tears when she saw her son’s joy during his first ride in front of their house.

Looking Towards the Future:
For Tanner and his family, this new wheelchair symbolizes a brighter future. It signifies a return to normalcy and the ability to fully experience the joys of life, especially during the upcoming summer. CEO Tiffany Houston underlined the foundation’s mission to change lives for the better, and this wheelchair is a prime example of that commitment.

As Tanner gears up to take his new wheelchair for a spin at a farm, his spirit remains undaunted. The chair not only restores his physical freedom but also enhances his mental well-being by boosting confidence and independence. Through this inspiring story, we are reminded of the resilience and strength that lies within each of us, waiting to be unleashed in the face of adversity. Tanner’s journey is a testament to the power of community support and innovative solutions in transforming lives.



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