Aurora councillor barred from competing in Conservative nomination contest

Aurora councillor disqualified from Conservative nomination race

“Rachel Gilliland’s bid for the Conservative party’s nomination in Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill took an unexpected turn as she found herself disqualified over a rule violation. This incident sheds light on the murkier side of political nomination races, with allegations of irregularities and unfair practices.

Allegations of Wrongdoing

Aurora councillor Rachel Gilliland faced disqualification after supposedly breaching rules outlined in the CPC ‘Rules and Procedures for Candidate Nominations’. The decision was made by the National Candidate Selection Committee, marking a setback in Gilliland’s political aspirations. While the specific rule violations remain undisclosed, Gilliland alleged a slew of irregularities during the nomination process.

One of the key issues raised by Gilliland was the inappropriate door-knocking by another candidate in the race, potentially influencing the constituents she had previously engaged with. This incident raises questions about the fairness and transparency of the nomination process, with concerns about ethical practices within the party.

Lack of Transparency

The lack of transparency in the disqualification process further complicates the situation, leaving Gilliland in the dark about the reasons behind her rejection. This is a common practice in nomination races, where candidates are often unaware of the grounds on which they were disqualified.

The Alleged Influence of Personal Website

Another point of contention was Gilliland’s promotion of her nomination campaign through a personal website associated with her work as a municipal councillor. While the party raised concerns about potential influences on her rejection, Gilliland maintained that there was no wrongdoing on her part. This raises questions about the boundaries between personal and political promotional activities, highlighting the complexities of navigating political campaigns in the digital age.


The disqualification of Rachel Gilliland raises broader concerns about the integrity and fairness of the nomination process within political parties. The allegations of irregularities and misconduct underscore the need for greater transparency and accountability in candidate selection. As the political landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for parties to uphold ethical standards and ensure a level playing field for all aspiring candidates. Only through a commitment to transparency and fairness can we build a stronger and more inclusive political system for the future.”



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