Attend the espnW Canada conference to support the growth of women’s sports in Canada

espnW Canada conference aims to help women’s sports continue to grow in Canada

“The landscape of professional women’s sports in Canada is evolving rapidly, with new leagues and teams continually emerging. The collaboration and growth opportunities within this industry are boundless, as highlighted by the recent espnW summit in Canada.

**Changing Landscape**
Torque Strategies faced delays in launching the espnW summit in Canada due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but when it finally took place, it marked a pivotal moment in the industry. The establishment of PWHL, Toronto’s WNBA franchise, and Project 8 indicate a promising future for women’s sports in the country.

**Collaboration and Competition**
Former athletes like Hefford and Matheson emphasize the importance of collaboration among professional women’s sports leagues. While competition is fierce, they recognize the collective benefit of a thriving industry. The rising tide analogy rings true as they strive towards individual success within a growing market.

**Business Opportunities**
The Canadian Women & Sport report underscores the immense fan base for women’s sports in Canada, presenting a compelling business case for brands to invest in the industry. With the launch of new leagues and teams, the potential for growth and engagement is significant, providing ample opportunities for brands to align with women’s sports.

In conclusion, the espnW summit and the momentum within the professional women’s sports industry in Canada signal a shift towards sustainable growth and collaboration. As stakeholders come together to learn, share, and innovate, the future looks bright for women’s sports in the country. By seizing the opportunities presented and fostering a culture of support and engagement, the industry can continue to thrive and inspire generations to come.”



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